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[035] Bitter Water at Marah - Activity Worksheets

[035] Bitter Water at Marah - Activity Worksheets


Bitter Water at Marah  - Activity Sheet

These story-based activity pages are a great way to extend the learning with your little ones.
The printable featured below goes right along with the story and pulls out some of the fun learning aspects of the book.
This Printable Pack is aimed at children ages 3 – 7.
This is perfect for church or learning about Bible stories at home.

Reading: Bitter Water at Marah (Exodus 15:22~27)
God saved Israel by bringing them through the Red Sea, protected from Pharaoh and His army. After a great victory celebration, the Israelites continued their journey. They traveled for three days, but they started running out of water. 
From the Red Sea the pillar of cloud leads the Israelites into the desert. Their water supply exhausted, they rejoice when they arrive at the springs of Marah. Finding the water bitter, they complain to Moses, who cries to God for help. God instructs Moses to throw a piece of wood into the water, and the water is made sweet
The Israelites could not live without water, so it can be said that the sweet water was their “salvation.” Jesus is our salvation. He brings us joy, just as the water brought joy in the desert. We worship and praise Him for bringing us the joy of being saved.
The cloud led them toward Marah, where they expected to find a spring.
Moses had herded sheep in that wilderness for 40 years. He knew the place well.
He knew the water at Marah was bitter and not fit to drink. But God had led them to this place.Just as Moses expected, at the first sight of water the joyful cry went up.
“Water! Water!” Men, women, and children rushed to the spring. But as soon as the first of them tasted it, their joy turned to disappointment.
It had been just three days since the Lord had worked the miracle at the Red Sea. Just three days since He had
destroyed the Egyptian army. It had not been long since they had left Egypt and their lives of slavery. God Himself, in the pillar of cloud, had led them to Marah. But they forgot all that. “What are we going to drink?” they grumbled to Moses. Moses did what the Israelites did not do. He turned to the Lord for help. 
The Lord showed Moses a piece of wood and told him to throw it into the water. Moses did, and the water became sweet. And then, imagine how the people rushed forward to the water. They had gone from joy at finding water to disappointment after tasting it. Now they were back to joy after God worked the miracle. They were no longer in danger of dying of thirst. They had been saved!

Included in this pack are:
Picture Sequencing
Which is the Bigger?
Needs? Wants?
Same or Different
Sweet Bitter
Count the Feeling Faces
What Come Next
Remember God's Love
Praying with your Five Finger
Find the 10 Differences

* Total of 10pages.
Bitter Water at Marah - The PDF files print onto A4 paper
(this measures 21cm x 29.7cm which is standard paper size for most home printers)

 Bitter Water at Marah - Activity Worksheets
Bitter Water at Marah - Activity Worksheets
Bitter Water at Marah - Activity Worksheets
Bitter Water at Marah - Activity Worksheets
Bitter Water at Marah - Activity Worksheets

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