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[024] Joseph Tests Brothers - Activity Worksheets

[024] Joseph Tests Brothers - Activity Worksheets


Joseph Tests Brothers-Activity Sheet

These story-based activity pages are a great way to extend the learning with your little ones.
The printable featured below goes right along with the story and pulls out some of the fun learning aspects of the book.
This Printable Pack is aimed at children ages 3 – 7.
This is perfect for church or learning about Bible stories at home.

Reading: Joseph Tests Brothers (Genesis 43:1~44:34)

As time went by the grain was all used up and Israel and his family became hungry again. Israel did not want the brothers to take his youngest son, Benjamin, to Egypt but he knew that if Benjamin didn’t go, then the official in charge of the grain would not give them any. Benjamin said good-bye to his father and went with his brothers.

Joseph was so happy to see his brother Benjamin! But he still did not tell the brothers who he was. They still thought he was just an important Egyptian. They had no idea this was their brother, Joseph. The brothers tried to give the money back from last time but Joseph’s servants would not take it. The brothers were very confused.

Joseph held a large feast for all of his brothers and gave Benjamin five times as much food as everyone else. Joseph and Benjamin had the same mother so Joseph felt special feelings for him. He wanted to show love to Benjamin but he was not yet ready to tell his brothers who he really was. He had to make sure they understood that what they had done to him was wrong.

This time when the brothers left to go back home Joseph tested them again. Joseph secretly told his workers to put all of their payment money into the bags of grain that they were taking home to Israel. He also told them to put his own expensive silver cup in Benjamin’s bag. Then Joseph sent his brothers on their way home.

Joseph waited a little while and then he sent his officials after his brothers. When the officials found the money and cup they brought all of the brothers back to Joseph. Joseph told them that it looked as if Benjamin stole his cup. Benjamin would have to stay and be a slave in Egypt.

Joseph’s brother, Judah, begged him not to keep Benjamin. “It will make my father so sad! First my father’s favourite son, Joseph, was taken away from him. Now he will die if we tell him that his son, Benjamin, is gone.”

When he heard about his father and how sorry his brothers were for hurting him Joseph broke down. He saw that they really loved their father. Joseph said, “Don’t you understand . . . I am Joseph!”

What a shock! Joseph’s brothers were so happy to see their brother again. They were very sorry that they had been so mean to him before. Joseph forgave his brothers. Even though they had been mean to him when he was younger he would not stay angry with them. He would not hold a grudge.

Joseph invited all of his brothers to come live in Egypt where there was plenty of food. So the brothers went back to Canaan and told their father, Israel, the good news. Joseph is still alive!

Included in this pack are
Joseph's Brothers Go to Egypt
Catch tthe Mice!
Remember the Feast Food
Judah Pleads for Benjamin : CutGlue
Is the Age Order Correct?
Where's Benjamin?
Counting - Vegetables
Rememver and Circle
Adding Doubles
Find the 10 Differences
* Total of 10pages.
Joseph Tests Brothers - The PDF files print onto A4 paper
(this measures 21cm x 29.7cm which is standard paper size for most home printers) 

Joseph Tests Brothers - Activity Worksheets
Joseph Tests Brothers - Activity Worksheets
Joseph Tests Brothers - Activity Worksheets
Joseph Tests Brothers - Activity Worksheets
Joseph Tests Brothers - Activity Worksheets


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