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[059] The Sin of Achan-Activity Worksheets

[059] The Sin of Achan-Activity Worksheets


The Sin of Achan-Activity Sheet

These story-based activity pages are a great way to extend the learning with your little ones.
The printable featured below goes right along with the story and pulls out some of the fun learning aspects of the book.
This Printable Pack is aimed at children ages 3 – 7.
This is perfect for church or learning about Bible stories at home.

Reading: The Sin of Achan (Joshua 7:1~26)
Joshua asked Achan to tell him what he had done and not to hide it from him. Achan said that he had sinned against the LORD God. Achan said that when he saw a beautiful piece of clothing from Babylon in the things that were to be destroyed in Jericho, he stole it. He also stole silver and a wedge of gold and he hid them under his tent. 
Joshua sent messengers and they ran to Achan's tent where they found all of the stolen goods. They took all of the stolen things to Joshua and all of the people and laid the stolen things out before the LORD. Then they took Achan, the silver, the gold, the piece of clothing, and everything Achan had and Joshua said, "Why have you troubled Israel this day? The LORD shall trouble you this day!" Achan and his family died that day all because of Achan's greed and disobedience. 
We should always obey God. We have learned that a lot in our Bible class, haven't we? When people disobey God, bad things happen to them, but when people obey God, God is always with them. We should always want God on our side and we should always be on His!

Included in this pack are:
Achan's Sin Takehome: Craft
Learn From qualities of Achans
Do You Remember?
Where's Achans?
How Many Shapes?
Big Vs Small
Connecting Shadow Match
Failure at Ai
Find 10 Difference
* Total of 10pages.
The Sin of Achan-The PDF files print onto A4 paper
(this measures 21cm x 29.7cm which is standard paper size for most home printers)



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